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Motorized Scooters
Motorized scooters provide an effective mode of transportation for the commuter or city scooter rider. This article is designed for a motorized scooter rider that lives in an urban area. The article contains benefits of owning a motorized electric scooter and also contains some safety tips at the end so that the motorized scooter owner will be familiar with safe riding practices and will be able to better ovoid hazards.

There are numerous benefits that can acrue by owning a motorized scooter. Motorized and electric scooters are cost effective, don't require licensing, reduce pollution, are easy to maintain, are fun, help avoid traffic, are safe, and are easy to recharge. The following elaborates on these benefits in additional detail:

Cost Effective: Replacing car trips with an electric scooter saves a lot of money. These cost savings include insurance, the car price, and other registration and licensing fees. Moreover, cars usually cost $.33 per mile to operate. You can substitute an electric scooter for a car even use one less car in your family. An electric scooter can easily travel over 10 miles at nearly 10 to 15 mph.

No Licensing: There are no state or federal license requirements for driving an electric scooter. Scooters that travel at speeds under 25 mph are generally not subject to scooter regulation

Pollution Reduction: The average car emits one pound of carbondioxide for every mile traveled resulting in a significant amount of air pollution. For every 500 miles an electric scooter is used in place of a car, about 25 gallons less of fuel consumed.

Ease of Maintenance: Motorized Scooters are simple to maintain and repair. Unlike car repairs, electric scooter parts can be easiliy purchased and repaired by the owner.

Fun Travel: It is easier to run errands and get places. As you travel in the open air and a cool breeze blowing, you will be thankful that you didn't take a car.

Taffic Avoidance: In traffic-congested areas, electric scooters are quicker than cars. Using an electric scooter will enable you to avoid frusterating and time consuming traffic jams. Electric scooter users can ride just as easily on the street as an open area.

Easy to recharge: One of the best benefits from an electric scooter is that it is easy to recharge. Most electric scooter batteries take only 2 to 6 hours to recharge and can be detached from the scooter and plugged into the wall.

Safe Travel: elctric scooters are safe since they travel at speeds that are lower than cars. Moreover, if you follow a few simple safety rules, you can further increase you chances of having a safe ride. The following is a list of safety rules that can reduce the risk of injury:

Be predictable: don’t make sudden, unexpected maneuvers.

Always wear a helmet. Learn basic scooter handling and traffic skills.

Ride with the flow of traffic on the street, not on sidewalks.

Act more like a slow-moving car by “taking the lane” when conditions warrant (debris or parked cars on the right, or preparing for a left turn).

Get a good headlight and a taillight and/or a large rear reflector in order to be equipped for night riding.

Assume that car drivers cannot see you and ride defensively.

Picking the right gear for what you are doing

Understand how the brake works.

Scan for traffic behind (looking over the shoulder) without swerving.

Learn basic traffic skills like changing lanes; lane positioning (depending on the speed of traffic and the width of the travel lane; lane positioning based on destination at intersections); and yielding and stopping when required by traffic rules.

Learn additional skills like quick turns and quick stops, riding in bad weather and at night, climbing and descending, and on-road bicycle maintenance.
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