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Electric Scooters FAQ
Are electric scooters easy to ride?
There's a small learning curve with an electric scooter. However, like riding a bicycle, the best thing to do is just get on and give it a try. However, like most things, the more you ride an electric scooter the more you'll start to push the boundaries a bit and test out the performance capabilities. Most electric scooters are designed handle travel. Remember, always wear a helmet.

Will I get tired trying to get where I'm going?
No, that's the beauty of the electric scooter. As long as the battery has power in it, you will be able to glide along without using any additional energy. Like any motorized vehicle, if you are going up a steep hill, you may need to push a little bit. This will depend on the steepness of the hill and the stregnth and power of your scooter.

How well do electric scooters glide?
Most electic scooters cruise well because they use the same type of wheel that are used by inline skates to minimize rolling resistance. The wheels are also about three times as large as skate wheels so they glide much better than smaller inline or skate wheels. Accelerate the scooter and cover ground.

How do the brakes work?
There are several different types of brakes. There are rear brakes that work by stepping down on a pedal on the back pf the scooter. There are handlebar brakes that are similiar to a bicycle and involve simply pulling a lever. Some electric scooters even have fron pedal brakes that affect the front wheels. Either of these braking systems are sufficient to stop the vehicle. however, the type of riding system that you will use depends on your riding style and preferences.

Are electric scooter safe?
Like any vehicle, if you something foolish and you'll probably get hurt. Ridden under normal conditions however, the electric scooters are as safe as a bike or skateboard. Avoid cars and wear a helmet or other safety gear to minimize the risk of injury. Also you can take extra safety precautions in order to minimize the risk or injury.

How do electric scooters handle bumps in the road?
A small tip here - bigger is better. The large diameter wheels clear gaps in concrete or pavement that would hang up a skate wheel or a scooter with smaller wheels. Most electric scooters also handle well in gravel and small terrain features. We don't recommend slamming electric scooters into a curb to get over it like some people do with their bike. This could result in damage to the electric scooter. Simply Ollie up a curb and keep going.

How fast do electric scooters go?
The speed of electric scooters can vary. Most electric scooters travel up to 10 miles per hour. Other electric scooters travel at speeds travel at speeds up to 20 mph. You don't want to get a scooter that travels too fast or goes too slow. slect the scooter type based on your goals and riding preferences.

What is the range of electric scooters?
The range that electric scooters can travel varies. Some electric scooters only get about 6 miles on one battery charge. Other scooters can get up to 15 miles on one battery. Obviously the range depends on the type and size of the battery along with the scooter size, weight, and wheel condition.

What kind of surfaces will the electric scooters work well on?
Most electric scooters are intended for paved pathways and will not perform well on dirt, gravel, or grass surfaces. However, there are a few scooters out there that will perform a little better on these more rugged surfaces.

How long will the wheels last on the eX3?
Many electric scooter tires are made from ultra-low-rolling-resistance polyurethane. They can never go flat and require no maintenance. Tire wear depends on riding conditions, rider weight, and riding speed. A general estimate on the legnth of the longevity of the tires ranges from 500 to 1500 miles before replacement.

How do I use electric scooters as a kick scooter?
Just kick it. It works with the power on or off and has essentially the same rolling resistance as a regular kick scooter. However, the rider will feel a little bit of inertia in accelerating the scooter. You get all of the energy you put into accelerating the scooter back as increased glide, however. Many scooter offer a detachable battery to lighten the scooter and provide an enhanced ride.

How long will my batteries last before they are worn out?
Some low end electric scooter provide 200-400 full charge-discharge cycles for a battery. Many scooter batteries will operate over 500 times.

Can I buy several batteries and swap them in and out like a cordless tool?
For some electric scooters. For many others you cannot. The Citybug E-2 offers swapable batteries but Xooter does not.

Are electric scooters legal?
Regulations governing electric scooters vary by particular country, state, and even municipality. Small electric scooters are explicitly allowed by law in California and several other US states. Some states have no regulations at all relating to small electric scooters. However, other states do not allow electric scooters on public streets. Please check your local laws for specific information.

Once I arrived at my destination, now what do I do with the electric scooter? Most people just carry the electric scooter with them. It weighs just a bit more than a laptop computer and folds down in about 5 seconds. If you want to leave it somewhere you can lock it. It'll also fit into a most lockers.

Is it easily lifted into or out of cars, boats, aircraft, or recreational vehicles?
Yes, by most healthy adults. Most electric scooters weigh approximately 35 to 65 lbs.
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